Monday, December 1, 2008


by: Franziska Landesberger

Many rural people who are attracted by opportunities and amenities of urban centers often see their dreams failing. In Bangladeshi cities about 53 % of people live below the national poverty line. Migrants often end in one of the many slum areas which in most cases do not provide basic amenities like running water, sewage systems, enough latrines, waste disposal services or schools and health clinics.

In those areas different NGO a
nd municipality programs are working and trying to improve the living conditions. But a comprehensive understanding of the situation of the slum population is missing so far. To gain that knowledge the Pourashava (Municipality) in Narayanganj a secondary city about 17 km southeast of Dhaka undertook a baseline survey in selected poor communities.

The following posts have the purpose to introduce the selected six areas
: Railway 1, Railly Bagan, New Zimkhana, Rishi Para, Sweeper Colony and Deara.

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