Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Visiting a countryside like spot in Narayanganj: Deara commuinty

by: Franziska Landesberger

Deara is located in the south of Narayanganj and with reaching the area you feel almost like visiting the countryside. Across the street people are tilling fields and cows are grazing. A well paved, surprisingly low populated road separates Deara from a neighboring area. But to get to know the community I had to leave this road to dunk into a jungle of pathways and to meet very friendly and open minded families. The north boarder of Deara community is an almost naturally looking cannel, which glamorizes this area together with many open spaces, some beautiful houses and a lot of trees, between which clothes are drying. People have been living here for generations and many have relatives within Deara. Three years ago a local organization was founded in this community and today 124 inhabitants are members, most of them female. On the one hand this organization is helping poor people, by organizing internships or trainings for young people who have left school before completing and giving credits to elder inhabitants. But on the other hand it is not reaching the families who need it the most. Some household just cannot pay the weekly fee which amounts to 10 Taka (about 10 Euro Cent) and are therefore excluded from all benefits. Although this area seemed to have countryside flair there are people living here who cannot afford this small amount of money and in which every hand is needed to contribute to income. I met a 10-year old girl who cannot attend school, because she is in charge of the housework and her younger siblings while her parents and her elder brothers are working in garment businesses.

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